Miroir M300A Review

Miroir M300A Review

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With the Miroir M300A, you can easily enjoy high-definition picture and stereo sound wherever you are. For home and basic business users, the M300A provides a strong set of features and solid build quality. Externally, it’s among the smaller full-size mini projectors we evaluated. With its dimensions of 6 x 3.8 x 1 inches and weighing in at 0.94 pounds, the M300A feels closer in size to a smartphone or small book than a standard projector.

In our tests, the Miroir handled both visuals and audio decently, though the latter fared better overall. You can get the M300A to project a display up to 100 inches big with a clear, high-definition picture and no motion blur. The 400-lumen LED lamp can last for up to 20,000 hours of projection playback, though if you want a brighter projector, consider the Optoma ML750ST , which offers 700 lumens. The biggest drawback to this mini projector is it has a contrast ratio of 400:1. Although colors stayed true, darker objects and scenes lacked definition at times, but the device is otherwise powerful and capable.

The smart projector runs Android 4.4 and works with tons of streaming apps you can download onto the device, thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi. In our tests, however, the apps struggled with playback. Apps were easy to search, and you could customize their appearance on the projector’s home screen. However, no matter what video app we tried to use, every video succumbed to lag despite the device being connected to a high-speed business network. Luckily, you can opt to view content from a USB port, HDMI connection or mirrored device, with which the M300A succeeds. The Miroir M300A does lack a microSD slot, though, so you are still slightly limited in the kinds of content you can access.

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Included with the projector is a standard remote for navigation. And unlike any of the other projectors we tested, the M300A automatically adjusts the focus and handles keystone adjustment so your images will always display correctly. The wireless projector can play your content for up to 90 minutes when running on battery, though you can easily recharge it via USB-C connection. It ships with a one-year manufacturer warranty.