Michael Phelps Review

Michael Phelps Review

Michael Phelps Spas are environmentally friendly, generate strong swim current and come standard with a lot of the features you’ll need for a comprehensive swimming workout. There are five models to pick from and while other companies like PDC Spas have more, these swim spas are still worth considering.

The MP Momentum Deep has two different temperature pools in one giant swim spa. It uses a Wave Propulsion Technology System – propellers – to create a wide swimming current with no turbulence while maintaining relaxing hot water on the hot tub side of the unit. It comes standard with therapy and foot massage jets, a noise reduction system and rowing and exercise equipment.

Because the type of spa you will want or can have will depend on a variety of factors we’ve put together some key questions together. Just use the form below to get personalized quotes on the perfect swim spa for you.

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You can get premium options too including a cover system, wave light package, Wi-Fi module and more. The MP Momentum also gives you two bodies of water at two different temperatures and comes standard with all of the same features and options, it’s just a few gallons smaller.

The MP Signature has European-inspired styling and a propeller-generated swim current. It has fewer standard and premium features than the Momentum models but still includes rowing and exercise equipment, therapy seats and a noise reduction system. The MP Force and MP Force Deep are the shortest swim spas available through Michael Phelps, the latter is just larger than the former. Both come with LED lighting, jets, propeller-generated swim current and workout equipment. 

The largest spa available holds 2,325 gallons of water while the smallest holds 1,660. This capacity range certainly isn’t the largest of the companies we evaluated, but it’s also not the smallest. If you want an extra-large spa, check out SwimEx.

These spas were created by Master Spas with input from Olympic Champion swimmer Michael Phelps and his coach Bob Bowman. Master Spas has experience with athletes, as the company also partnered with the Ironman World Championships in 2017. You can watch videos and check out the photo gallery for an even more detailed look at what these spas have to offer.

All of the Michael Phelps swim spas are marketed as energy efficient. The motor that drives the Wave Propulsion System for swimming current is energy efficient and the entire spa is insulated with Icynene foam, which helps retain heat while better than Urethane-based foam. It’s also mold and mildew resistant. Each spa even exceeds the California Energy Commission efficiency standards. The company also sells swim spa covers to protect your investment and keep the water warm.

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The website has all the information you could possibly need about swim spa use and maintenance. There are sections with swim spa exercises and the benefits of therapeutic swim spa massage. A StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat, for example, is designed to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders if you want to take a break while swimming. 

These spas are built for year-round fun with your family too and the website even suggests they’re an ideal place for children to learn to swim in a safe and controlled environment. While most websites let you request a quote online you can only get Michael Phelps spas through a dealer. We were directed to a swim spa dealer about five miles away.

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