Hydropool swim spa review

Hydropool swim spa review

Hydropool has some of the best swim spas for relaxing, working out and even a little bit of both. With a bunch of customizable jet and design options, you’ll be able to find something your entire family can enjoy.

The website’s “build your own” feature is a convenient way to figure out what you want in a swim spa and request a price quote online. We did this and while we got an email immediately saying a sales representative would follow up, we didn’t get any more information until four days after we requested the quote. This means Hydropool had the worst response time of the websites we tested aside from the ones that didn’t get back to us at all.

Hydropool swim spa review: Models

This company has five lines of swim spas: AquaPlay, AquaTrainer, ExecutiveTrainer, AquaSport and ExecutiveSport. AquaPlay is a rather basic unit with seating for two or three people, holding 1,489 gallons of water. It only comes in only one shell color and one kind of cabinet. The AquaSport line has more options, like the 19 fX which seats four to five people or the 19 DTfX which seats six to seven. 

The AquaTrainer line is geared toward an active swimmer while the Executive Trainer, as the name suggests, is more high-end and has VTwin Jet Technology. This company’s smallest swim spa is 1,489 gallons while it’s largest is 2,378, a rather low capacity range in comparison to other companies like SwimEx and H2X. In total, there are 14 different models to personalize, which is the largest selection of the websites we evaluated alongside PDC Spas.

You can customize most swim spas with steps, an ozone or bromine filtration system, cover or various colors of internal shells and external cabinet. Shell options range from the whitest of whites to a dark grey which looks a little like stone. You can get external siding in varying colors of black and grey or even wood so your swim spa blends in seamlessly with your deck.

Hydropool swim spa review: Pricing

The website says you can customize you swim spa with workout equipment, though there aren’t any prices or links to purchase the products online. Advertised, however, are stainless steel oars that attach to the tub so you can practice rowing. There is also an Aqua Fitness Kit which essentially turns your swim spa into a gym with weights and resistance bands.

If you don’t want to deal with maintenance, Hydropool has what you’re looking for. According to promotional information we received from Hydropool, the company’s self-cleaning spas like the AquaTrainer 14 fX can filter 100 percent of their water in 45 minutes. 

These spas in particular can cost between $14,700 and $42,295 though, so they’re not cheap. The self-cleaning spas are made in Canada with floor vacuums and a pressurized filter system.

Should you buy a Hydropool swim spa?

We weren’t impressed by the response time when we contacted Hydropool, but the company has an impressive range of customizable swim spas, meaning you can find a model for any space. Hydropool also has a great selection of swim spas for seniors and for those looking to improve their fitness. 

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