Husqvarna 240 Review

Husqvarna 240 Review

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Husqvarna is a top name in the chainsaw world. We tested the Husqvarna 240 alongside nine other models to see which one is the best for you. We found this chainsaw to be quite powerful and deliver a relatively fast and clean cut. It also has a number of safety features that casual, frequent and professional users will appreciate.

All the chainsaws in this category were used to clear out an overgrown portion of an urban back yard. We used the 240 to remove unwanted branches from large trees. We also used it to remove portions of hardened dead stumps, which it handled as good as or better than the other gas chainsaws we reviewed. We also used it to cut through a 6×6-inch piece of lumber, which it cut through in short order with no jam-ups or jerks.

Our lab crew tested each chainsaw. One of our reviewers commented that he “like[s] the caps for the chain oil and fuel.” He was also impressed by the shock absorbers, something that one of its close competitors, the Stihl MS170 lacks.

Out of the box, it took three attempts to start the chainsaw – the fewest of all the chainsaws we reviewed. But our lab crew had comments on what happens after it’s running. One said, “If you gun it and release it, it dies” but conceded that probably needed some warmup time. However, upon further use, it would still occasionally quit. Our tester commented that it’s “annoying that it dies if you try to gun it.”

During our testing phase, we noticed that the anti-vibration system works quite well. We could cut through hardened, dead tree stumps smoother than we expected. This is great for the frequent or professional user because it increases efficiency and reduces fatigue.

The Husqvarna 240 chainsaw delivers a sizable bite with its 16-inch bar and 38.2cc fuel-efficient engine. By contrast the Echo offers a 30.5 cc engine and the Poulan Pro has a 42cc engine.

The tool features an X-Torq gas engine that consumes low volumes of fuel and produces low exhaust levels. Inside this gas chainsaw, the air injection system also keeps emissions low while preventing dust and wood particles from entering the air filter. With proper and regular maintenance, these features extend engine life.

As chainsaw bar sizes increase, so does the chance of kickback, and the Husqvarna 240 has a specialized feature to handle this problem. If the chainsaw kicks back, the inertia-activated chain brake stops the chain’s rotation around the saw. Kickback, especially rotational kickback, propels the saw bar in an upward arc toward the user. This feature won’t save you from kickback, but prevents further injury if it occurs.

One of the best ways to cut efficiently and safely is by keeping the chains well maintained. Some saws allow you to conveniently tighten or loosen chains with a knob or slide, but this Husqvarna model requires a chain-tensioning tool to make any adjustments. The tensioner is easy to reach, and the 240 comes with a scrench to adjust the chain tension.

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The Husqvarna 240 is a fine saw. It supplies the power you need to tackle moderate to large sized jobs. It’s easy to start, performed well in our tests and has great safety features. It’s shock absorbers and anti-vibration system make it as smooth as possible to operate. It’s a smart buy.