Homelite UT43122B Review

Homelite UT43122B Review

The Homelite brand has a reputation for delivering affordable, functional tools with average homeowners in mind. This is on full display with the Homelite UT43122B electric chainsaw . It’s a good choice for occasional use and can handle pretty much any cutting job that’s likely to pop up around the yard.

The most notable quality about this chainsaw is how easy it is to get to work with it. We were able to unpack, setup and begin using this tool within 10 minutes of opening the box. The instructions are clear, and all you do is fill it with oil, plug it in and pull the trigger. You don’t have to worry about fuel mixtures or recoil cords. And when you’re done cutting, it’s a breeze to clean and store. Although these aspects aren’t unique to the Homelite UT43122B, it’s worth considering when you’re choosing between a battery, gas or corded model.

This electric chainsaw has a 16-inch guide bar – the second longest we encountered in our hands-on testing. That is more than enough for common tasks like pruning unwanted tree branches, clearing overgrown bushes or felling small to medium sized trees. And while this is good, other corded chainsaws like the Craftsman 34120 and the Worx WG304.1 had 18-inch guide bars.

During our test phase, we used all the chainsaws we compared to cut through a 6×6-inch piece of lumber. The gas models were able to slice through it in under ten seconds. And while this model didn’t match that time, it clocked in 16 seconds. But it should be noted that two of the three other corded models we tested were able to make the same cut a few seconds faster.

When we used this electric chainsaw to clear portions of an unkempt residential yard, we found it to be adequate. It was able to cut through wild tree sprouts, cut up branches and remove dead wood effectively. But nothing stood out enough to make it better than other chainsaws we were testing.

Probably the most compelling point on this chainsaw is the price. At the time of this writing, it costs less than $80 – making it the cheapest model we tested. This is a screaming deal, especially if you’re not in the market for a substantial tool. We didn’t name it our best value pick, because the Worx chainsaw performed better.

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As far as electric chainsaws go, there’s not much to gloat about with the Homelite UT43122B. But there’s not much to complain about either. We wouldn’t recommend it over the Worx, but it is less expensive.