DirecTV Genie HD review

DirecTV Genie HD review

The DirecTV Genie is a powerful and versatile DVR . With this device, your household can watch or record up to five programs simultaneously, eliminating scheduling conflicts. It only has 1TB of internal storage, but you can easily expand this by connecting an external hard drive, and you can even watch 4K content. Its port selection lets you control what the DVR connects to, making it an easy choice for families and avid TV lovers.

The Genie’s 1TB internal hard drive can record 800 hours of standard definition (SD) content or 200 hours of high definition (HD) content. Naturally, you can rewatch the recordings at any time. If you want more storage, consider the Dish Hopper 3 , which has a 2TB hard drive. Although the Genie doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi, you can still stream to additional rooms if you purchase one or more Genie Minis, which receive signals from your DVR and play recorded shows on TVs throughout your house. There are parental control settings, so you can keep your kids from viewing inappropriate content, and you can skip through commercials in recorded shows. You can even create your own schedule to record a single episode or a recurring series.

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This digital video recorder isn’t limited in the sources it can access, so if you want to record a show sourced from an antenna, another from satellite and something else from HBO on-demand, you can do so. The DVR gives you access to must-haves like HDMI, Ethernet and USB ports, as well as standard ports like coax, component video and composite video. Additionally, the Genie supports 4K. Whether you just bought a new 4K TV or are still using an old tube TV, this DVR works with your equipment.

DirecTV’s customer service representatives are available to talk to you via phone or live chat. Additionally, there are a few informational resources available on the company’s website, including a FAQs section.

Should you buy the DirecTV Genie HD?

With its five tuners and artillery of functionality, content access options and port availability, the DirecTV Genie can be a versatile entertainment tool in your home. It is slightly limited with its 1TB hard drive, though you can easily connect an external hard drive for more space. It even supports 4K content, making it a good choice for families and early technology adapters.