BFGoodrich Review

BFGoodrich Review

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Founded in 1870 and purchased by Michelin in 1988, BFGoodrich is one of the oldest and most well-known tire brands in the world. While these tires are more affordably priced than its parent brand, it lacks the performance options and variety. In addition, while the average mileage in the tread-life warranty is above-average, the best available tread-life warranty has below-average mileage.

BFGoodrich’s average sedan-sized tire costs about $102 per tire. This is right in line with the market average. By comparison, Michelin is priced at an average of $132 per tire at the same size. However, Cooper is $73 per tire. The SUV-sized tires average about $169 per tire, $2 above the market average, and the average truck tire is $237 per tire, about $33 over the market average. Still, compared to Michelin, the prices a bargain.

BFGoodrich’s tread-life warranty covers only nine tire series. By comparison, Michelin has 54 tire series covered by a tread-life warranty. However, BFGoodrich’s average tread-life warranty has a mileage expectation of 59,000 miles. This is about 3,000 above the market average. Unfortunately, the highest mileage in the best warranty is just 75,000 miles. Most brands have their highest tread-life mileage at between 80,000 and 100,000 miles.

The limited performance options are BFGoodrich’s biggest issue. When I searched for tires fitting the three most common passenger tires fitting a 15-inch rim, there was only an average of two options. With 16-inch rims, there was just an average of three options. With 17-inch rims, there was an average of 3 options. Each rim size had below-average options. By comparison, Goodyear had 23 tire options fitting the P205/55R16 tire. With such limited options, you don’t have as great a chance at finding the right tire to fit your performance needs.

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The truck tire options weren’t any better, with an average of three performance options per tire size. Of the six truck sizes I searched for, the 225/65R16 had the most performance options with five, but most of the other sizes, fitting rims between 16- and 18-inches, had just one or two options.

BFGoodrich is competitively priced with above-average mileage on the tread-warranties, but the performance options are very limited. Most tire sizes have two performance options.